Farmacy Beauty Bright On Mask


Farmacy Beauty takes honey and makes magic with it. 😍 I first tried their line when they launched their Clean Bee cleanser a few months ago. It was too good not to pick up! Clean Bee was a revelation for me! For years I had equated the phrase “gel cleanser” with “stripping”. After trying out dozens upon dozens of formulas, I was convinced. There would never be a gel cleanser that is right for my dry, dehydrated skin. That is, until I met clean bee. Clean Bee is the ONLY gel cleanser to this date that leaves my skin MORE hydrated after cleansing. I’ve since found a few gel cleansers I can tolerate, but not a single one makes my face feel more plump afterwards. In that sense, Clean Bee is the most unique gel cleanser in my collection!

Now I realize this review is supposed to be about Farmacy’s new Bright On mask, and NOT their Clean Bee, but I just wanted to preface this review with something positive, because I truly believe in Farmacy’s skincare line. That said, it is with a heavy heart that I must say, I am NOT a fan of the bright on mask. 💔

This new Bright On mask is one of the most stripping things I’ve ever put on my face. 😭 I was already worried when I saw the ingredient list, it starts out with kaolin and bentonite and follows with a bunch of essential oils and botanical extracts that control sebum. They took the most amazing vitamin c derivatives ever (SO effective!!) and a bunch of gorgeous exfoliants, but then paired them with the most drying base of all time. Basically, if you have oily skin, you can probably get away with this one. The vitamin c does wonders and the exfoliants like lemon peel, sugar cane extract, etc will leave your skin glowing. But the reason I’m not a big fan of this product is I feel like they made the formula way too harsh, even for oily skin.

In my experience, it disrupts the delicate moisture barrier. I had a friend with oily skin test this out, and while she did not experience the same intense dryness that I did, it left her face dangerously dehydrated. We measured before and after with our skin analyzer and we could visibly see all the signs of dehydration. Her skin felt instantly tight, flaky, and wrinkled when we tugged at it. She kept saying how tight her face was afterwards. ☹️ Again, prior to using this, her skin looked, felt, and tested healthy - the only issue was that it was too oily. We had to use a ton of hydrating essences and serums to get her back on track, but it took her a few days to recover. For myself, it took a whole 2 weeks! That’s how much it dried me out.

 Neither of us are sensitive to the vitamin c derivatives that Farmacy used, nor are we sensitive to the natural exfoliants. I’ve used products like this many times before with success because they’ve been balanced with more gentle ingredients - hyaluronic acid, natural moisturizers, etc. The issue I have with the bright on mask is that I feel that it’s imbalanced. Just a personal opinion.

But it could also be my worldview in general that’s the issue here. I do not believe in using harsh skincare products which is why I stay away from bar soaps and alcohol. Our skin has an intelligence of its own and I try to work with it to get results, not against it. When I get acne or t-zone issues, I don’t try to strip my face of bacteria or use harsh cleansers. Instead, I’m gentle with it, until it slowly resolves. I wasn’t always like this, as a teenager I did my fair share of picking at my acne and using St Ives scrub (RIP 😂). I’ve just come to the point where I realize, the more I fight my skin, the worse it gets.


What I loved so much about Tula’s clay mask is that they balance the exfoliating/harsher clay ingredients with moisturizers like shea butter, olive fruit oil, and yoghurt. Farmacy did include two hydrating ingredients (aloe & glycerin) but no proper moisturizing ingredients, and certainly not high enough in the ingredient list. Overall, Bright On does a great job of brightening (the vitamin c aspect is great) so I totally see why other people have enjoyed this mask so much. 💕 I don’t want to diminish the results that other people have had with this mask! Nor do I want to imply that Farmacy came out with a terrible product. I’m just wondering if they only tested it on very young skin? Young people can often get away with harsher products before they see the signs of dehydration or a compromised moisture barrier right away. 🤷🏻‍♂️ For me, no amount of brightening is worth the damage that this product caused to my skin.

 I know many of my blogger friends love this mask and I truly respect their opinions! In no way is this meant to make negate what they’ve said, I’m just offering up my two cents. Obviously as someone with dry, dehydrated, aging skin, I am not surprised that a clay mask did not work for me. I really like where Farmacy Beauty was going with this mask, and I feel like it could have been SO GOOD if they added a ton of humectants and natural moisturizers. Overall Farmacy has always come out with gentle, hydrating products. This is the first one I’m not a fan of. Will it work for you? Based on the insane amount of positive reviews, I hope so! 😘