Overhyped Skincare Part 1 - Farmacy


I’m finally starting a new blog post series all about popular (and quite possibly overhyped) skincare brands... worth it or not? This idea has been in my head for a while but today I thought we’d start the series off with the world famous Farmacy Beauty! Stay tuned, because I’m planning on covering some other super famous/hyped brands like Drunk Elephant, Glossier, Fresh Beauty, Ouai, Glow Recipe, etc in the near future! More blog posts like this to come shortly….

But let’s talk about Farmacy, shall we? I’ll be the first to admit there are a few products left from @farmacybeauty that I haven’t tried yet but between my 2 Farnacy favs, Honey Drop and Clean Bee, I’ve found some really effective products that you’d have to pry out of my cold. dead. fingers. 😍 They’re THAT good! Sorry, that was super dramatic.

I thought I’d go through some of my favorite products AND explain the duds that didn’t work for me to try to give some perspective for the 1% of you who might not be familiar with this brand? So today’s subject is “Farmacy Favs & Flukes - what’s worth spending your hard earned cash on?”

I’m all about fair reviews - the good, bad, and the semi-ugly. So you won’t see any brand-bashing but you also won’t see any idolization. I just want to share the pure hard facts of my experience - and everyone’s experience is slightly different. so please keep that in mind!

To begin with, because this brand is so world-famous and well-loved, I won’t spend too much time explaining who Farmacy is and what they make. They’re an incredible, trendy, and quite unique skincare brand infused with honey who puts out a wide variety of formulas from cleansers to toners, acid treatments and masks, to eye creams and moisturizers. The only thing they don’t make is makeup, and that’s a relief because they focus on what they do best - skincare. And a lot of it is quite decent, if not amazing! However there are a few disappointing products sprinkled in as well (mostly new launches). Since 99% of you probably already know about Farmacy, I’ll end my little brand tour here. But if you’re not familiar be sure to check out their about page: https://www.farmacybeauty.com/pages/our-story and their ingredient philosophy: https://www.farmacybeauty.com/pages/clean-formulas.

ONTO THE SKINCARE ITSELF! Let’s start with the positives before we delve down the dark hole of depressing product reviews, shall we?



Clean Bee is the product I find myself recommending the most often - it’s just one of those hyaluronic acid filled treatments that makes you question if it’s even a cleanser (yes it’s THAT hydrating!) My skin feels more hydrated after cleansing which is the first and only time that’s happened. Will this take off makeup? Not a chance, so be sure to use an oil or balm cleanser first. But as a gel cleanser this is ideal for all skin types, it won’t strip your moisture barrier. My girl @desseydoll introduced this product to me months ago and I’m so grateful. Best cleanser ever?? Quite possibly!

Honey Drop is my other fav from the brand, the definition of a perfect gel-cream! At first you might wonder why there are little bits in your cream, but don’t worry, it’s the cupuacu butter beads. They melt into the skin upon application and release moisture. And this stuff is the most hydrating, hyaluronic acid-filled cream around! Noticing a theme here? My two favs from Farmacy are hydrating heroes, good for dehydrated skin of ALL skin types - oily and dry alike. I love how versatile they are and if I had to choose an ULTIMATE favorite, it would be honey drop. It’s just too good to miss!

Honey Potion this took a long time to fall in love with due to the burning sensation (just close your eyes it’ll be over soon 😂🙈). But the effects speak for themselves! It’s really good for acne prone skin IMO due to the ginger (it feels like you’re literally burning the acne off your face, lol). But the panthenol, allantoin, & honey make up for it... they are soothing, calming ingredients for the skin that keep things soft! I don’t feel like this mask is very hydrating personally but it’s an amazing mask for hormonal acne, cold weather, frostbite, and dull looking skin! It also takes sooo little of the mask to see an effect so it’s an incredible deal. The jar will last ages.

Clear Bloom is a lovely cleansing oil that emulsifies with water so it doesn’t leave a sticky film on your face! It’s also quite affordable at $30-35 per 6 oz. My favorite thing has to be the lack of fragrance - both synthetic and natural. You won’t find essential oils either so it’s perfect for sensitive skin! At first glance I thought this was just another average product you could find somewhere else for cheaper but I have to admit, I was wrong. This is good stuff!

Lastly, I can’t fail to mention their HYDRATE sheet mask might be the best sheet mask I’ve tried to date. It’s crazy hydrating and almost reminds me of an emulsion with a creamy white consistency. This sheet mask has cucumber extract, collagen, and insane amounts of hyaluronic acid - it really shows. The overall experience is super relaxing and luxurious, like that of a much more expensive mask. In fact, Farmacy’s Hydrate reminds me of Instytutum’s Flawless Skin Mask which is almost $15 a piece! The instytutum mask comes in 2 pieces and is slightly more moldable and the Farmacy mask is one piece and a little thicker, but both are amazing. Because Hydrate only costs $6, it is so worth repurchasing and is a total steal considering the materials involved, serum ingredients, & mask itself. I LOVE how the coconut gel molds to your face perfectly, it’s way more comfortable than the average cotton sheet mask.



What about the products that I don’t recommend/didn’t work out for me? Unfortunately Honeymoon Glow* and Bright On* (both gifted) were the worst, but I do think they would work ok for oily, non dehydrated types or those with very young, normal skin. They suck all the hydration and moisture out of my face but I have aging skin (just wait until your 40’s, even the oiliest of you will start dealing with dryness. Sebum production declines so quickly!) The Bright On mask was actually the worst experience I’ve ever had with a product, and I would only recommend it as a spot treatment since it’s pretty drying and harsh IMO. The Honeymoon Glow wasn’t quite as damaging to my skin, but it burns like crazy and not due to the AHA’s or the PH. I use Babyfacial by DE all the time and it never bothers me, even though it’s twice as concentrated as honeymoon glow! So I know it’s not because of the AHA’s, my skin is completely accustomed to them. The formula itself is the issue but I’m happy so many people enjoy it! The ingredients for the most part are killer but I’d recommend saving your moisture barrier and going with Babyfacial or better yet, Biologique Recherche P50!

Lastly I would not repurchase the Dew It All eye cream by any means. The eye cream’s price point, size, & ingredients don’t line up to the claims. It is not going to do anything except for hydrate and moisturize so you might as well buy honey drop instead! It’s cheaper and works better IMO. I’m an eye cream addict so I have pretty high standards, and unfortunately this one doesn’t contain caffeine, vitamin c, retinol, AHA’s, etc - ingredients that work wonders on puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, & aging. 🤷🏻‍♀️ that’s why I recommend Tula’s eye serum instead! If you want to read all about my eye care favs, check out my last blog post here.

Basically, the Dew It All eye cream is lovely but it just doesn’t do anything in my opinion. Those with young skin might not need any help in that department if you haven’t developed puffiness, wrinkles, or dark circles! So this is for you guys, however I’d just save the money and use their honey drop if I were you.



Honey Butter is a decent lip balm, even great in fact, but not something you couldn’t find elsewhere for cheaper. My favorite thing about this one is the inclusion of castor oil which is an occlusive ingredient that protects the skin all day long! My biggest complaint is how hard it is to melt, sometimes it feels as though I’m rubbing wax on my lips because of that. Would I repurchase? for the ingredient list alone, a thousand times yes! But for the texture/feel? Probably not. SO I guess I’m tied both ways. I like this one a LOT but I’m on the fence about repurchasing.

Honey Savior is everything I had wanted the Honey Butter to be, an then some! It’s the most spreadable salve made from castor oil and SO easy to apply on the lips. It’s like butter, and melts upon contact! The only disappointment about this product is all the little gritty texture particles suspended in the balm. But if makes for an amazing face balm, eczema protectant, eye cream, lip butter, you name it! I’d repurchase this if it weren’t for the Bybi Beauty Babe Balm. I prefer that product instead simply because of the smoother texture. If Farmacy could reformulate Honey Savior without the gritty particles I’d repurchase in a heartbeat! Obsessed with this ingredient list!

Overall, I’m MUCH more impressed with Farmacy than I am disappointed. But that doesn’t mean you should spend your money on everything they make just because it’s constantly recommended and photogenic. This stuff is expensive, many of the products are worth it, but still expensive. You might be able to find comparable products elsewhere for cheaper. Except when it comes to Honey Drop, Honey Potion, & Clean Bee. Those are non-negotiable for me, and WELL worth purchasing again and again.

I hope this post was helpful to those of you who have never tried Farmacy Beauty before! Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below, I’d be happy to answer them! If you have any suggestions about hyped up brands you’d like me to cover, please feel free to share them below as well. :)