Spring Favorites


Since spring is nearly over, I thought I would share some favorites of this season. 🙆🏻❤ These are lightweight enough for the changing weather but moisturizing enough for my skin, even when it's red and irritated.

KNOURS SKIN MEDITATION GEL - this stuff cools inflammation down BEAUTIFULLY. I was worried that the peppermint oil might be a bit much but it actually helps my redness and irritation! I truly can't be without it now. It's hydrating enough for dry skin but light enough for oily skin.

LAVIDO REPLENISHING FACIAL SERUM - has been my go-to facial oil for quite some time. This thick, moisturizing indulgence is sooo soothing and rich. I love evening primrose oil and this serum has a ton of it. Lavido has changed my view of facial oils forever.

PEARLESSENCE ROSEWATER - is not my favorite facial mist by any means but I have to give it an honorary mention because it makes an amazing room spray!

CELLECLE DETOXY SMOOTH CLEANSER - is quickly becoming my go-to second cleanse ever since it arrived. This soothing gel is PH balanced, fragrance free, and it doesn't strip my skin of moisture. On the contrary, I can use this product no matter how poorly my skin is doing.

FEMMUE ROSE CALMING MASK - is a long time favorite of mine for reducing redness and irritation. I don't know if any other clay mask is this hydrating! It's truly a wonder product for dry skin.

CAUDALIE GRAPE WATER - is a beautiful, refreshing mist that is fragrance free and preservative free! It helps to soothe and moisturize and is the perfect midday pick-me-up.

CAUDALIE VINOPERFECT ESSENCE - is a glycolic acid treatment that is gentle enough for daily use! My dry skin is so grateful for this hydrating product. I've been loving it so far and can't wait to see results over time.

What are your spring favorites?