Raw Spirit Fragrances

Raw Spirit Fragrances is a niche perfume company that is inspired by the spirit of ancient cultures. They aspire to be a socially conscious brand that bridges the gap between philanthropy and commerce. I cannot commend them enough for their efforts! Raw Spirit also works with marginalized communities to sustainably source ingredients for their perfumes. The perfumes themselves are not all natural but they contain many natural ingredients. I love a good unisex scent and they really deliver in that department. Not a single one of their perfumes is soapy which is my biggest pet peeve. Also, sorry in advance for the length. Fragrances are my passion and I love to geek out on them!

Wild Fire: this is an instant favorite. Dry woody scents make my soul sing. Based on the color alone I know this doesn't contain fossilized amber oil but the scent reminds me of it SO much! If you've ever smelled buddhawood, Wild Fire has captured that scent perfectly. Though this fragrance uses some heavy lifters, it's much lighter than it sounds. It's the perfect balance between airy ISO e super notes and dark dry woods. I smell a good dose of vetiver in the drydown but it's very wearable. This might be my favorite from the entire line! I only wish it lasted longer on the skin (it's the shortest lived scent out of all of them) but it's very much worth reapplying.

Desert Blush: this warm woody floral is the perfect scent for people who don't like florals. Boronia is one of the most quinsentially Australian smells I've come across, and it's also incredibly expensive. This is a total steal, my friends. Boronia reminds me a bit of cassie absolute - a honeyed green floral aroma with violet undertones and an animal edge. But boronia is even warmer and sweeter with a hint of woods and fruit. It blends beautifully with sandalwood in Desert Blush. Overall, this smells like a creamy blue floral with a woody backdrop. Absolutely gorgeous!


Bijou Vert: another instant favorite! I'm captivated by that black pepper note. It dances on a base of patchouli and woods. This is an incredibly green fragrance and vetiver note is smooth as silk. The Haitian variety that's used in this fragrance is sweet, resinous, woody, and exceptionally smooth with a light green top note and long lasting base. Woody, dark, green, and fresh. This is an atmospheric that reminds me of Olympic Orchid's Salamanca (another favorite of mine, but if anything, Bijou Vert is more wearable!) This is incredibly sexy, musky, and bold. It lasts for ages too!

Winter Oak: this is a favorite of my friends @devsday and @misscandiceb! The Oakwood note is much drier and less boozy than real Oakwood, but otherwise this scent is very literal. Another airy musk scent but this time with creamy undertones. It's a bit too clean for my tastes (I like my woods to be dark and dirty) but still very beautiful and a definite crowd pleaser! If you like modern synthetics, this is a perfect choice! It has similarities with Citadelle and Wild Fire but is much creamier and ever so slightly sweeter. I find this one very wearable, and will be using it for nights out when I want something elegant and refined. I love how even though Raw Spirit has some more "crowd pleasing" type scents (Winter Oak especially), they never stray from their unique spirit & scent style. Not a single scent is boring to me, or like something I would expect at a Macy's perfume counter. Unlike celebrity fragrances, Raw Spirit's scents have a ton of heart!


Mystic Pearl: this is the only Raw Spirit scent I don't like, actually!  At first this has a benzyl acetate blast that smells like nail polish. The heart has more of a jasmine grandiflorum vibe but it never really gets rid of that benzyl acetate bomb. While I adore creamy florals (the coconut is so beautiful and smooth), this isn't one I would wear. However the opening fades pretty quickly revealing an array of spices, especially cinnamon. It lands on the sweet side of things with traces of vanillin and coumarin. If you love vanilla scents and floral perfumes, this is made for you, besides the awful nail polish note. It's not my favorite by any means but it has an elegance to it that I can appreciate.

Midnight Pearl: this is gorgeous. A sensual floral that is slightly more linear than Mystic Pearl but so much more wearable to me. There is a brightness to the top notes, almost citrus in nature, and a white floral/tuberose drydown. If you're looking for a warm, sexy floral, look no further! It's everything I loved about Desert Blush minus the woody notes. Gorgeous and SO worth repurchasing!

Citadelle: another vetiver dream from Raw Spirit! This time, however, instead of going dark and woody they've expertly blended it with bergamot, nutmeg, cedarwood, and airy musks to lift it up into a fresh, clean ambient scent. This is extremely wearable and perfect for those who want a more linear, clean fragrance. It's almost as if Bijou Vert and Wild Fire had a lovechild, that would be Citadelle. It's got the airy dryness of Wild Fire and the beautiful woody drydown of Bijou Vert. If you like clean Byredo scents I think you might love this one!


Summer Rain: wow, I was not expecting to like this one because most fragrances with the word "Rain" in the name smell like cheap drugstore shampoo or bad potpourri. This is nothing of the sort! The top notes are extremely fresh and zesty, almost fruity. I love the kaffir lime note that dominates the opening, it's truly addicting. This is so strange, and so beautifully blended. The florality of jasmine mixed with the citrus of grapefruit, orange, and lime is just such a good mix. If you like tangy fruity scents with a floral edge, you'll adore this. It's not at all my personal style at all and yet I find myself really liking it.


Fire Tree: this is a limited edition Raw Spirit fragrance and I'm SO grateful to their sweet team for sending me a 10ml roller of it! This has only has 3 ingredients and is all natural! 2 essential oils are suspended in a base of fractionated coconut oil (a perfect carrier oil, I might add. Never goes rancid, is virtually scentless, and unlikely to cause allergies). The two oils used in this fragrance are Australian Sandalwood oil and Fire Tree essential oil. I’m extremely familiar with Sandalwood’s scent profile but Fire Tree was a new experience for me. Both of these oils come from AUS and capture the heart of the wildlands perfectly.

The Australian variety of Sandalwood smells much sweeter, lighter, woodier, and creamier than the Mysore\Indian variety, which is dark and deeper. It is a very warm, woody, creamy scent that is married perfectly with Fire Tree essential oil – an incredibly balsamic woody scent with boozy undertones. Although I LOVE this limited edition fragrance, I doubt it will be a crowd pleaser. The leathery, boozy, fruity undercurrent of Fire Tree smells a bit medicinal to me. But not in a bad way at all! Indeed, this oddball fragrance conjures up vast expanses, wild forests, and the adventurous spirit of the Australian people. I like layering this scent with Wild Fire, which is much more subdued and soft. The combo of the two is intoxicating. If you’ve been looking for an all natural scent from Raw Spirit, now’s your chance! I’m swooning over this new limited edition and if you’re an oddball at heart like I am, I think you will too.


All in all, I'm beyond impressed with Raw Spirit Fragrances and planning to get some more full sizes. I highly recommend buying Fire Tree while it's still available! It's such a unique scent unlike anything else on the market! Fire Tree essential oil is floral, boozy, fruity, leather, and woody. It has similarities with davana oil. Totally swoon-worthy!

While it's hard to pick a favorite, I would say that Fire Tree, Wild Fire, Bijou Vert, and Desert Blush are tied for my first choice. They're absolutely stunning and layer SO well together. Like all Raw Spirit scents, these fragrances are exceptionally well-blended and I love having multiple options to suit my mood.

Endless thanks to @rawspiritfragrances for letting me review their work. I'm so impressed with them. While I adore other mixed-media niche companies (you may remember my commodity and pinrose reviews), I actually enjoy Raw Spirit Fragrances even more! The scents are extremely deep and unusual, they have captured the heart of Australia with pride. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!