My Self Tanning Adventures

2018-06-05 08.18.16 1.jpg

Now that I've been testing Tan Luxe’s self tanning drops for a while, I wanted to share my experience with you all!


So first up, I made quite a few newbie mistakes since I've never used self tanners before. 😂 I forgot to go all the way up to my hairline, so I had a nice little white line right there. The problem with these drops is that you can't really see where it's been applied, so it's easy to miss spots entirely or go over the same area twice.


I wrongly assumed that the "face" self tan drops would be less strong than the "body" self tan drops. It's actually the reverse! You need to be careful when applying the face, it can easily build up to a semi-orange colour when used daily.


What's cool about these products is that you are in total control of how tan you want to be. You can start with just 1-2 drops in a moisturizer and add more if needed. It takes several hours for the bronze to start showing, so a conservative approach is wise.


The difficulty of the drop method is that the moistuzier often ends up drying and absorbing BEFORE I'm able to really spread it around. Applying this is definitely a race against the clock! I can already see areas where the moisturizer absorbed too quickly and it looks streaky and blotchy.


My biggest mistake was jumping from 2 drops per day to 4. I instantly regretted it. 😂 So while I'm completely in love with how natural looking and effective these drops are (a little goes a LONG way) I do think they are better suited for a self tanning expert. Beginners like me might have trouble getting an even glow. It also seems impossible to avoid orange fingers! I washed my hands 7x during the application process and yet woke up to streaky palms and orange nails. My friend Mia warned about this in one of her posts and I completely agree!

I'm interested in trying Tan Luxe's "The Water" next because my friend Devan swears by it and her skin always looks glowy and natural in stories (never orange or streaky). I know her favorite is the Bioderma Photoderm Autobronzant so I might need to pick that one up for comparison purposes.

All in all, tan luxe products are gorgeous, a great deal (seriously that $70 bottle is going to last me forever) and they get you really dark. But I don't find them the easiest to apply, at least their face and body ones. I'd love to try their new wonder oil, which is a roll on and looks so much easier to use for beginners like me! 😍

Let me know if you have any questions about these products below