What's In My Bag?

Hello everyone! I thought I'd start a new tradition. This week's episode is going to be short & sweet but I do want to make "what's in my bag", an ongoing series on this blog.

I found so many clear purses on amazon which you can find in my amazon fav’s. This was one of my favorite finds. It’s big enough to keep lotion inside, but small enough to be discreet and easy to travel with.

Today's episode is going to feature all beauty\skincare\bodycare items and no practical items like keys, iphone, etc. I'll save those for another episode...


Here's what's in my bag today:

Bali Body's Moisturizing Lotion: this is a really great basic lotion formula that's perfect for summer! I do find that my ultra dry skin needs something thicker, but when I pair it with a body oil, it's the perfect amount of coverage for me. This is the kind of lotion I would use during hot summer months, when I don't want to feel sticky or greasy.

Keweko Skincare's Refreshing Toner: I LOVE a good facial mist in the summer and this has been one of my go-to's. Although it's marketed more as a toner (and it's a great one at that), this product can be used all day long to provide hydration and coolness. My energy levels tend to plummet during the long afternoons, and this stuff helps keep me awake. 

Natura Brasil Pataua Restorative Hair Oil: most hair oils are silicone based, and this one is as well. Because of that, it definitely is on the lighter side of things and won't weigh the hair down like a natural oil might. I LOVE the sprayer top, it's SO easy to dispense and gets the formula around your hair evenly without any heavy patches. If you're a fan of gisou or joon hair oils, I think this is a fantastic alternative at a much more affordable price. The bottle is plastic, but it's recycled plastic, and it's so much easier to use than the dropper method.

Herbivore Rose Quartz Body Oil: this was a bit of an expensive purchase for me, I usually wouldn't spend so much on a body care product. But I haven't regretted it for a second! This is truly one of the most stunning oils I've ever found! The mica particles are quite small, thankfully, and don't make you look like you're covered in glitter! It's definitely a sparkly look for "grown ups" which I appreciate. I love using this as a natural highlighter all over my body, it gives a subtle shimmer without being over the top.


Herbivore Rose Lip Conditioner: I was kind of iffy on this at first but it's definitely growing on me. This lip conditioner is really hard, and therefore hard to get out of the container. Despite the fact that my house is 80+ degrees right now, it hasn't melted in the slightest. So this is going to be a total pain when winter comes around. It's not heavy or protective enough for my liking, so I'm confused by the name a little. This should be called 'lightweight lip balm' at most, not a lip conditioner, which implies a protective, moisturizing, nourishing formula. Anyways, this is a decent lip balm that smells good, but I'm not sure I would recommend it at its current price point.

La Mer Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream: this is definitely on my wishlist but I'm never going to buy it. The full size is over $300 and it's simply not worth it. That said, I LOVE the texture of this product. It's perfect for summer. Cooling, refreshing, non-sticky... basically my dream gel moisturizer. I have a love\hate relationship with La Mer. They're terribly overpriced and use really average ingredients. That said, their textures are amazing. You can see my dilemma! ;) 

Lilah B Eyeshadow Quad: one of the best makeup items I've EVER come across. Lilah B is worth every penny IMO. I only wish they sold refills of their products, it would go so well with their eco-friendly, minimalist vibes. This eyeshadow quad goes with me everywhere now, it's the perfect "no makeup makeup" look!

H2o+ Highlighter: so subtle but so pretty! This is a jelly texture highlighter that works like a dream. It looks more like a bronzer on my pale skin, to be honest. But it's easy to apply, easy to wear, and very discreet. Instant love!

Petite Histoire Perfumes: I've sung Jeff's praises high and low for a reason! These beautiful roller bottles are SO easy to take with you on the go. Fields of New Amsterdam is my favorite but Hollywoodland has become my go-to for summer. If you're interested in reading more about these exquisite scents, I did a blog post about them HERE

Makeupdrop Applicator: you guys know how much I love these! They help me apply skincare on the go, hands free!